1. What Is An Affiliate Program? How Does it work?

An Affiliate program is a way for an affiliate(you) to promote a online website by using your referral link and driving traffic to a website(GlowCity) in exchange for referral commissions. So when a guest that clicks on your link from your personal website or social media page and makes a purchase, you would receive a commission on every item they bought!

2. How Do I Sign up?

Step 1. Fill in the info below to be a part of the team.
Step 2. Receive your Login Credentials Money making URL link and post them on your channels.
Step 3. Earn Commissions up to 9% from each qualifying order from GlowCity.
Step 4. Cash In!

3. Does it Cost Money?

No Our Affiliate Program Is Completely Free.

4. How Are My Sales Tracked?

GlowCity has partnered up with Affiliatly, once your registered you will be given a link to sign into your dashboard. We recommend you save this link and bookmark it for easy access. On your Dashboard you will see your custom URL which will track your impressions and sales. We set a 30 day cookie, which means that when a vistor clicks your link and purchases, as long as it was done within the 30 days you would be credited for the sale.

Affiliatly will track all sales and impressions and let you know which links are doing well and which ones aren't. This will help you optimize so you can get the most out of the program.

5. Can I Link Specific Products?

 Yes, you can link to any page of our site. You can use the Link Generator in your account dashboard to easily create links to specific pages. All you need to do is paste the desired URL and the generator will append the tracking parameter to it.

6. How Do I Get Paid?

All Affiliates can earn up to 9% with a cookie length of 30 days.
Once your Commission balance reaches 25.00 we will release a payment to you.  

7. How Do I Promote My Links?

Create posts on all your social media accounts get creative, everyone likes things that light up.