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    Light Up LED Basketballs

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    This glow in the dark basketball uses two super bright LED lights to illuminate the entire basketball with a magnificent glow, it's amazing!

    This basketball is battery powered and comes with batteries.

    • The light-up ball is impact-activated and will stay illuminated as long as it is played with.
    • The glow in the dark basketball uses two bright LED lights to keep it bright all night.
    • The batteries can easily be replaced, making it easy to keep the fun going year after year.
    • This basketball looks, feels, and plays just like a real basketball!

    This light-up basketball makes playing at night fun and easy. This high-quality basketball is like playing with the real thing! Your night games just got better with this glow in the dark basketball. One of the coolest features is that these light up basketballs are impact-activated. Simply bounce the ball to turn it on, no buttons needed. The ball will continue to glow for about 40 seconds once activated. Batteries included and installed with your order.


    Offered in three sizes - Official size, size 6, and size 5

    Battery operated

    For Ages 13 and Older

    Order your glow in the dark basketball now and enjoy nights of endless fun!

    Save with sports kits!

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    GlowCity Light Up Basketball Hoop Kit with LED Basketball

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