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Stick Figure Costumes

Since 2009, GlowCity has been creating the coolest light up stick figure costumes around. These glow in the dark stick figure costumes are fun and popular! GlowCity was one of the first companies to offer light up stick figure costumes with different options in style of face and light colors that you can choose from. People all over the world love our stick figure costumes! Start shopping for the perfect look and be sure to check out our light up masks to add to your stick figure costume. You can find basic light up stick figure costumes for kids and adults, a basic body only costume, plus tons of stick figure costumes with fun and unique faces! Start shopping below.

Stick Figure Costume Details:
  • Battery powered
  • Constant on and blink settings
  • Made with high-quality EL wire
  • Use over and over again!
Questions? Contact us to learn more about our glow in the dark products and get your questions answered about our stick figure costumes.