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Light Up Emoji Masks

Emoji Stick Figure Costumes

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Do you have an idea for something you want to light up and make glow?
You can light up just about anything with our EL Wire Kits and LED Products
We are happy to help answer questions and help bring your glow ideas to life!
You can e-mail us at Support@glowcity.com or Call Us 1-877-562-4569

Light Up Helmets

Make a Custom Light Up Mask

EL Wire Shoes

Drumline Live - Stick Figure Costumes

Light Up Drums for Drumline Live

Light Up Drums for Drumline Live

Custom Light Up Cowboy Costume

Custom Light Up Cowboy Costume

EL Wire Horse & Cowboy

LED Costumes for Pitbull's Dancers

Custom Light Up Jelly Fish Costume

Light Up Motocross Helmet

Portable Light Up Signs

Custom EL Wire Signs

Custom Light Up USA Sign

Custom Portable EL Wire Signs

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Custom Order Check Out:

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